Seniors Transportation

Burnaby Seniors' Transportation is an affordable and convenient service providing one-way and return trips for Burnaby residents who need assisted transportation to their medical and dental appointments within Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster and the Tri-City area. If cost, mobility or balance are an issue, Burnaby Seniors' Transportant is here to help.

For more information, please contact the Seniors Transportation Manager.

Donate or volunteer to help seniors in your community.

The Burnaby Christmas Bureau offers hampers for seniors and unique individuals, and gifts for children of families with low income. We've just secured the new location for our 2018 Toy Room! It's located inside the Brentwood Town Centre.

Burnaby Christmas Bureau Toy Room


The information below is for REGISTRATION ONLY. When you come to register, you will be provided with a PICK-UP DATE and TIME to come back to the Toy Room. You will not be able to choose any toys on your registration day. 


Brentwood Town Centre | Unit 0019 – 4567 Lougheed Hwy (Located on the lower level in the old American Eagle store near the old Zellers entrance.)


November 1st - December 7th, 2018
Monday - Saturday
10 am - 4 pm


Qualified applicants will receive new toys for their children (16 years & younger). You may qualify if you are:

  • a Burnaby family, with low income or receiving income assistance, with children 16 years old or younger
  • a Burnaby Senior living with low income
  1. If working, a C-Print for EACH Adult. To obtain one, please call 1-800-959-8281 and press * to speak to an Operator. Or, if on Income Assistance, a Release of Information from your Ministry Office will replace the C-Print.
  2. Recent proof of address – ex. copy of home utility bill (hydro, cable gas, internet or landline phone) or Residency/Tenancy agreement dated within 2 months of application
  3. Children’s IDs – ex. care card, birth certificate, passport or other form of ID


Interested in donating a toy to the Toy Room? Bring a NEW unwrapped Toy or Gift. Click here for some gift suggestionsDonations may be dropped off at toy room at Brentwood Town Centre from Monday – Saturday, 9am - 4pm.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact MJ at 604-292-3902


  1. Donate Online - $30 will help us buy a toy for a child from a family with low-income. $500 will help support a family of four. Look through the ways to donate here.
  2. Drop off a Gift - Fill the shelves of our toy room! Donations may be dropped off at the Toy Room everyday until Friday, December 21st.
  3. Host an Angel Project - Be an Angel to a child this Holiday season - use our Angel cards & host a toy drive. Apply to participate and host a toy drive to support the Angel Project.
  4. Become a Sponsor - Provide gifts & food to local families and/or seniors. Invite your group, company or family to join you. Apply to become a sponsor.

If you have questions or concerns please contact MJ at 604-292-3902.


Camping Bureau

The Burnaby Camping Bureau provides subsidies for Burnaby children with low income the opportunity to attend the summer camp of their choice. Along with our maximum subsidy of $175.00, we have partnerships with camps that provide match funds, allowing children the opportunity to attend a camp their families otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

To qualify, you must be a resident of Burnaby, have children aged between 5 and 17 years, and are low income but are NOT receiving income assistance.

The following documents MUST be presented at the time of your appointment:

  1. A C-Print for the year 2018 for BOTH parents (if married/common law)
    • This is a document that is only available if requested through the Canada Revenue Agency (It is NOT your Notice of Assessment)
    • To order it from the CRA, call 1-800-959-8281, press * to speak with an operator OR access the document through 'My Accounts' online.
  2. Recent Proof of Address - ex: copy of home utility bill (hydro, cable gas, internet or landline phone) dated within 2 months of application.
  3. ONE of the child's IDs: Care Card, PR card, Passport, or Birth Certificate.

Parents MUST know which camp they are sending their child to when they arrive for the appointment as well as have all the required documents. We will not see them if they don't have a chosen camp or missing information.

Appointments will be held at Burnaby Community Services, 2055 Rosser Avenue, Burnaby, BC. Appointment bookings being on April 1, 2019 and Camping Bureau appointments start on April 15, 2019.

To book an appointment, contact the Program Manager at 604-292-3906 on or after April 1, 2019 to book appointments.

If you are looking for camps, please go to:

Donate or start a campaign to help a child have a life-changing summer.

The Burnaby Recreation Credit program provides a credit to Burnaby residents in financial need. The credit system consists of a dollar amount registered in the Burnaby Parks & Recreation computer system under your name. Use the credit to sign up for any Parks and Recreation program or to purchase a punch card or pass for admission to swimming pools, fitness classes, indoor cycling, skating rinks or weight rooms. There are some exceptions such as golf, private lessons and birthday parties.


You must live in Burnaby, be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and fit one of these categories:


  • A. Are a low income individual, couple or family. Qualifying amounts are listed on the current Recreation Credit application form.
  • B. Individual with Disability Tax Credit Certificate. Qualifying gross income for low income is increased by the amount of the Disability Tax Credit.
  • C. Receiving financial assistance (welfare) from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).
  • D. Eligible for or receiving disability assistance from Community Living BC.
  • E. Receiving income assistance from Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP).


*Persons do not qualify if interest earned is greater than $100 per adult per year, or if RRSP contributions greater than $1000/family have been made.

Where to get an application form

  • Download here
  • Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Colutural facilities
  • Brentwood Community Resource Centre
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Burnaby Community Schools
  • Immigrant Services Society of B.C.
  • Community Living B.C.


Application process

Please read the application carefully and complete it thoroughly. See the back of the application form for details about eligibility, required documentation, and how to apply. For further information about the program, contact Recreation Credit staff at 604-320-2227

* You may apply for and receive credit once a year. The same application process must be completed each year.

Donate to improve access for those with low income to health and wellbeing.

Form and Tax Completion

The Tax Completion program offers assistance with income tax preparation through our participation in the Canada Revenue's CVITP program. During the tax season, March and April, we offer appointments to have taxes completed. Throughout the remainder of the year we provide a "drop-off" service. On a weekly basis, a volunteer tax preparer picks-up, completes, and files.

Form Completion is available by appointment only. We currently are able to assist with Federal Government Programs: Eligibility and assistance with applications for pensions (CPP, OAS, GIS) Provincial Government Programs: Eligibility and assistance with application for programs such as bus passes, MSP and Fair PharmaCare card applications. As well, we assist with filling out government card replacement applications.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Services Manager.

Donate or volunteer to help people breakdown barriers to services.

Welcoming Seniors' Spaces

Are you feeling welcomed in your community?

The Welcoming Seniors' Spaces project works to enhance services and accessibility for seniors. Trained outreach volunteers help connect seniors to community spaces that are actively working to remove barriers to participation. 

We focus on assessing their needs and challenges, providing appropriate information and services, providing ongoing engagement and support, and helping them foster social connections.

Who are our outreach volunteers?

Our outreach volunteers have an understanding of the barriers faced by older adults and have received training to help seniors improve access to services in your community. Multilingual assistance may be available.

Some of our senior strategies include:

  • Peer-to-Peer Mentorship
  • Providing Information and Resources
  • Special Events and Workshops
  • Accessing Local Spaces
  • Identifying and Resolving Barriers
Join our team!

Help connect isolated seniors with community programs and receive sixteen hours of training on:

  • Causes/Consequences of Senior Isolation
  • Recognizing and Managing Dementia
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Community Resources and Outreach
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Health and Nutrition

For more information, call us at 604-292-3909 or email