Humans of Burnaby

Workplace bullying

"I was bullied at some of my previous workplaces for about 5 years. I didn’t know it was bullying right away, but it made me feel completely alone, like as if I was the only one experiencing it. However, I learned after I left that I wasn’t the only one. I wish I had the support while I was there. I went through severe depression.

It was an extremely difficult time and when I finally got out, I was too scared to commit to a full-time job, fearing that the same thing would happen again. Because I only wanted to work part-time and casually, I drove myself into poverty. Thankfully, I had amazing friends who helped me out.

I think in some way, all of the experiences were the Universe’s way of teaching me to stand up for myself, recognize unhealthy situations, and be strong enough to walk away from them. I had to learn how to build myself up again and keep going—to see the best in everyone and every situation. Sometimes it’s not easy. It’s all a learning process. 

My current employer is amazing. It is like comparing night and day. I feel so supported. They care about my development, my success, and my well-being. If there’s an issue, we talk about it."

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